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Although the service took longer than anticipated, I was pleasantly surprised the night I picked up my bike, to find it had been washed and detailed.
By: TheRev White Lake
They took care of me pretty good.
By: Anonymous clarkston, MI
A big Thanks to Randy in sales great doing bussiness with him made the process go flawless. Thanks.
By: John South Lyon, MI
Bess and Earnie in Service indicated that about a week would be required to obtain parts and after installed, they would call me. One week and one day later, they called and I picked up my bike. Courteous and friendly and efficient. Very satisfied. Nice people to deal with and did what they said.
By: Barny Clarkston, MI
Bess , Justin and Anthony Moore are the best! Picked up my bike for Extended warranty fixed a few issues and had the bike right back as always!!! Shout out to Gary Burton for selling us the past 4 bikes ! Keep up the great work!! They are Family!!
By: Jeff white lake, MI
I just purchased my second new motorcycle from ABC last month and I could not be happier. I made my second purchase here due to the excellent service I received after the first purchase from all the departments of the dealership. Everyone I have met at the dealership has gone out of their way to ensure all my needs are met and satisfied. I look forward to continuing a long relationship with ABC. P.S. The dealership H.O.G. chapter is outstanding as well. My wife and I are very much enjoying being members and have made many great friends since joining.
By: Brian Clarkston, MI
Just bought a 2010 FLHTK. Dealership has been very helpful so far. Only been a customer for a few weeks, looking forward to a long and satisfying relationship.
By: David Clarkston, MI
My 09 nightster fell victim to the pothole nightmare here in Michigan my front rim trashed I was very grateful for the wheel coverage I bought when I got the bike the up front investment saved 807 bucks this week and the didn't put any of my seasons adventures at risk of having to cancel because of cash shortage . I have good piece coming through 2016 since I got the 7 year extended. Picking my bike up this afternoon with the long weekend in my sights that's to the service guys efforts!
By: Tim Southfield, MI
Bess in service was great! I was having a bad day and took it out on her the day before. She was able to forgive (I apologized) and forget and was excellent! Lets face it, some people can't do that. Todd the mechanic was outstanding as well. Very polite and explained everything he did and why. I would give this team a 5 star rating but I didn't because I feel there is always room for improvement. This is what makes one service center better than others..... Constant improvement!
By: Bob Lake Orion, MI
Thank you so much to Debbie Soroka for taking the time while I was purchasing my new leather jacket , she went out of her way to make me feel good about the choice and size of it....very friendly , patiente and professional . Not only I bought a leather jacket but a liner and helmet too. Very happy about my purchases........way to go Thank you, Danielle.
By: Danielle Merlin, ON
We worked with Scott Reeser at Vehicle City, was very sad when he left . But then we found him working for you guys. Our plans is to buy a 2014 , but gave up on it because we wanted someone we could trust. So need less to say our 2014 will be bought from you and Scott Reeser.
By: Penny Frankenmuth, MI
Just wanted to give a shout out to Gary Burton in the Sales department. Gary worked with me over a period of several months to find an "upgrade" for my VRSCAW (a beautiful new '13 VRSCF). Gary is an honest, dedicated, and diligent guy who responded to all my questions/changes during the process - I would highly recommend him to others. I also wanted to say "thanks" to Mark Christensen (Business Manager) for working with Gary to put together the deal and find excellent finance terms. Lastly, the ladies who work the clothing area have also always been helpful in finding anything I need. One recommendation would be to offer some kind of discount (maybe 10%) on HD Parts, Accessories, and Clothing for those who buy a bike for the following 12 months - it's not a big deal but it would encourage revisits to the dealer. I know the HOG Chapter has a 15% discount if you're in good standing but that takes at least a year and can be a bit tough for those of us with younger kids (hint-hint younger demographic which Harley so desperately wants) to hit that "good standing" milestone. Nonetheless, a great ABC team overall...
By: Eric Rochester, MI
Every time I go into the dealership I get great service. The parts department is staffed with very knowledgeable people and the same for service. I have a bad habit of messing something up on my bike then I call service and ask if they can fix it. They are great, fast and reasonable. Only one problem, the dealership doesn't have a customer waiting area.
By: Richard White Lake, MI
I want to thank Eric in the parts department for the outstanding customer service he provided. Not only was he very friendly, but took several hours his time to follow-up on an obsolete part I needed, whose Part Number was incorrect in the H.D. Parts Catalog and it was only a $20 transaction. After two weeks he was able to obtain the part I needed, regardless of its cost. That type of customer service is what every company needs to be better in this highly competed market. Thanks again Eric.
By: Ramon Ortonville, MI