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This page is dedicated to informing and educating current and future Harley-Davidson enthusiasts!

Here are a couple links and summaries to articles, websites and forums that speak Harley-Davidson. There is never enough information about our bikes, brand and biker-community. Please take time to learn more and do not be afraid to add your voice to the comments and forums.


The Harley Owner's Group -H.O.G. is the official riding club of Harley-Davidson. Join this group to receive fantastic benefits, membership options and events. Furthermore, do no forget to check out the HOG magazine, now available as digital editions.

SOLDIER STORIES: Celebrate the courage our men and women who serve to protect this country near and far. Read about the connections, historical events and rides that tether the military and Harley-Davidson Company.

Currently, The New York Times has over 90 searchable articles written about Harley-Davidson. This is a full tank of information---releases, events, programs and branding. This year, Harley-Davidson is raising the bar with Dark Custom look and powerful enhancements for the cruiser lineup.

A fun, informative and active forum that could be of interest is The posts are recent and applicable for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. It is an easy and instant way of connecting with like-minded motorcyclists with knowledge and passion ready to be shared.